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Letters of Midtown

"The 8-feet tall letters, a collaboration between North American Properties (NAP), Midtown Alliance and Rick Sheppard of MacroTek, are designed to establish a sense of place and build awareness of the Midtown brand as the cultural core of the city."
The Atlanta Journal Constitution

"Curious about those giant, colorful "MIDTOWN" letters in the heart of, well, Midtown? Here’s your answer. According to the re-imaginers/developers of Colony Square, the 8-foot-tall, 40-foot-wide word on the corner of Peachtree and 15th streets "anchors" the mixed-use development and alerts visitors to exactly where they are."

"The vibrant, interactive MIDTOWN installment creates an iconic anchor for our city within a city for the local community and visitors to enjoy," North American Properties Vice President of Marketing Liz Gillespie said in a release. "These letters establish a sense of place and further enhance the Midtown brand as the cultural, connected, innovative core of Atlanta." - (Original article source) - Curbed Atlanta

Installed By MacroTek Services 

From start to finish, our highly experienced industrial art and promotion installers worked directly with North American Properties and hard working artists to carefully handle and install these giant letters, leaving a new landmark for Midtown Atlanta. Our team enjoyed being apart of bringing this vision to life, and we look forward to the new experiences that Colony Square will offer to current and new Atlanta residents.


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